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Happy Whole30!

This January, along with many other paleos, I will be treating/challenging myself to 30 days of eating healthily without compromise. I’m following the guidelines of the Whole30 Program¬†which means no sneaky chocolate cheats, no sugar (not even the “good” ones like honey and maple syrup), no hard cider or wine, no compromises of any kind. … Continue reading

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Mexican Braised Beef and Cilantro-Lime Cauliflowered-Rice Cabbage Bowls (GF/Soy-Free/Paleo)

For the past few weeks, NomNomPaleo’s take on Mexican Braised Beef has been in heavy rotation on our dinner menu. Dave bought a dutch oven for short money through some finagling with coupons and it’s been amazing! Ours is a cheap, bright green, Food Network brand tank and it’s getting the job done. There are … Continue reading